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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your refund policy?
Please visit our new Return Center for more details and instructions.

What is your privacy policy?
We do not collect private information other than your name, address for product delivery and e-mail addresses for correspondence purposes. PayPal uses SSL technology to keep your information safe. In addition, when you send a payment using PayPal, we won't receive sensitive financial information like your credit card or bank account number. We never rent or sell your name, e-mail address or mailing address to other online marketers of products or services without your consent.

What is your form of payment?
We use PayPal as our form of electronic payment, using a credit card or checking account. If you do not have a PayPal account, please sign-up for a free account on www.paypal.com.

We also accept check or money order. Note: All international money orders must be drawn from a U.S. bank and must be in U.S. dollars. Please be sure to write your order number and DVD title(s) on the money order. Otherwise, the product shipment may be delayed in order to locate your order information.

For faster process and delivery time, PayPal is preferred.

How much is shipping?
Total OrderShipping
$0.01 - 9.99$5.00
$10.00 - 49.99$5.00
$50.00 - 99.99$0.00
$100.00 - 199.99$0.00
$200.00 and over$0.00

Where are these DVDs made?
Our DVDs are manufactured and licensed by Asian authorized distributors in Taiwan.

Which DVDs have widescreen?
Our DVDs are either widescreen or fullscreen format. Check each DVD's description page for more details. If it isn't specified there, please check back to the pages as we update them each week.

Can the DVDs be played on U.S. DVD players?
Because our DVDs are made in Asia, they were given all region encoding (0), which means they can be played on any DVD player internationally. This includes the U.S., Canada and all European countries.

Do Chinese subtitles affect my viewing pleasure?
The Chinese subtitles are simply a function on the DVDs that are designed for our Chinese buyers. Because the DVDs are made in Taiwan, the Chinese subtitles are an important function. It can be turned off and on by using the subtitle function on your DVD remote control, (this works the same for English subtitles) so you can enjoy the DVDs without the subtitles. However, remember to check our DVD description page because a few of our DVDs have only Chinese subtitles that cannot be turned off.

How long do I have to wait to get my DVD?
U.S. buyers: 5 business days
International buyers: 7 business days

Note: Because we process our orders daily, the DVDS are usually shipped in 2-3 business days

What is the default language when I first play the DVD?
Only some of the animations are defaulted in the Chinese language. You must manually turn off the language using your DVD player or remote control. All of our other DVDs are defaulted in English, unless specified.

How come the DVDs are not the same as the ones I find in the stores?
Our DVDs are imported from Taiwan, so they do not contain many of the special features that are included with the DVDs you buy in the stores in the U.S. or from the original manufacturer; though it is easy to see that we have many that are not even found in most stores. We suggest to most collectors to buy the rare titles that are impossible to buy on DVDs and buy the more common titles in the stores.

How do I contact eFilmic?
Please visit the Contact Us section for more details and instructions

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