King Kong


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King Kong (1933)

Starring: Bruce Cabot, Fay Wray   [See details]
Directed by: Merian C. Cooper
Runtime:1 hour and 45 minutes
MPAA rating:Rated NR
Genre(s): Action, Horror, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Synopsis:An expedition exploring a remote island capture a gigantic ape and bring him back to New York for exhibition. A beautiful actress who accompanies them is menaced when the monster's love for her causes him to break out.
Catalog #:6611
Price: $17.99
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Brief Cast Overview
Bruce Cabot    ...    1st Mate John 'Jack' Driscoll
Fay Wray    ...    Ann Darrow

Technical Specification
Encoding: Region 0*  [See details]
Format:    Fullscreen
Color: Black and white
Edition: Import
Language: English
Sound: Dolby Sound
Subtitles: Not available
*DVD will play on any regional DVD player
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