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Tom Thumb (1958)

Starring: Peter Sellers, Russ Tamblyn   [See details]
Directed by: George Pal
Runtime:1 hour and 32 minutes
MPAA rating:Rated G
Genre(s): Action, Family, Kids
Synopsis:Russ Tamblyn is the miniature forest boy from the famed Grimm Brothers story in this fun-filled musical fantasy. He is taken in by a kindly couple, but finds his unusual size an advantage when it becomes necessary to outwit the villainous Terry-Thomas and his evil henchman, Peter Sellers. As always with a George Pal production, the special effects are very impressive and were honored with an Academy Award.
Catalog #:GU-X4035
Price: $18.99
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Brief Cast Overview
Peter Sellers    ...    Tony
Russ Tamblyn    ...    Tom thumb
Stan Freberg    ...    Yawning Man (voice)

Technical Specification
Encoding: Region 0*  [See details]
Format:    Not available
Color: Not available
Edition: Import
Language: English
Sound: Not available
Subtitles: Not available
*DVD will play on any regional DVD player

Awards and Nominations
Academy Award, The® (USA):
Winner = Indicates winner

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