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Cuore (Echos of the Heart) (TV) (1985)

Starring: Johnny Dorelli, Giuliana de Sio   [See details]
Directed by: Luigi Comencini
Runtime:5 hours and 38 minutes
MPAA rating:Rated NR
Genre(s): Drama
Synopsis:This is a diary of a 12-year-old boy Enrico during his upbrining. Enrico's father gave him a diary book, asking him to mark down everything in the last year, including the life, thoughts, and feelings at school.
Catalog #:GU-W134-1/2/3
Price: $34.99
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Brief Cast Overview
Johnny Dorelli    ...    Maestro Perboni
Giuliana de Sio    ...    Maestrina Penna Rossa

Technical Specification
Encoding: Region 0*  [See details]
Format:    Fullscreen
Color: Color
Edition: Import
Language: English
Sound: Dolby Sound
Subtitles: Not available
*DVD will play on any regional DVD player
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