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Kid from Brooklyn, The (1946)

Starring: Danny Kaye, Virginia Mayo   [See details]
Directed by: Norman Z. McLeod
Runtime:1 hour and 49 minutes
MPAA rating:Rated NR
Genre(s): Comedy
Synopsis:Burleigh Sullivan (Danny Kaye), a shy milkman, accidentally knocks out Speed McFarlane, a drunken champion boxer flirting with Burleigh's sister. Touted as a new boxing sensation, Burleigh gets involved with a crooked manager, Gabby Sloan (Walter Abel), who decides to turn Burleigh into a fighter. Under Abelís helm, Burleigh begins to win fight after fight, unbeknownst to him that his opponents have been asked to take a dive. Burleigh develops an ego which puts a crimp in his relationship with pretty nightclub singer Polly Pringle (Virginia Mayo). Soon, his most difficult opponents are his family and friends who want to knock some sense back into him.
Catalog #:EDVD-7002
Price: $18.99
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Brief Cast Overview
Fay Bainter    ...    Mrs. E. Winthrop LeMoyne
Danny Kaye    ...    Burleigh Hubert Sullivan
Virginia Mayo    ...    Polly Pringle
Vera-Ellen    ...    Susie Sullivan
Steve Cochran    ...    Speed McFarlane

Technical Specification
Encoding: Region 0*  [See details]
Format:    Fullscreen
Color: Color
Edition: Import
Language: English
Sound: Dolby Sound
Subtitles: English
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